MX5 Consulting



My Executive Coaching program with Mark was one of the best development opportunities I have been exposed to in the last 15 years. It provided me with additional tools and perspective in dealing with both tactical and strategic scenarios in an everchanging, complex business climate.”

— Kim K.
Managing Director
Apple Canada


Mark’s coaching has helped me be a better person both professionally and personally. He has provided the tools to help me drive business results and create a meaningful sense of work-life balance. I couldn’t have asked for more. In a year of unprecedented uncertainty, Mark’s coaching has helped provide clarity and a focus on what matters most. He has a fantastic ability to get to the heart of challenges and guide the process to a decision. He is amazing.”

— Chris F.
Senior Sales Executive
HP Canada


Over the course of the past 10 years I have had the opportunity and the pleasure of participating in a handful of Strategic Team Planning sessions facilitated by Mark. In looking back over these sessions I am amazed at how successful we were at achieving the specific goals and objectives we created during each strategic planning session. I attribute our results to the quality of the process, and the quality of the facilitator.”

— Jerry W.

Our organization’s work with Mark Musselman has so far made a big difference in several ways.

Overall foundational concepts that we explored in our work with Mark Musselman related to being present, what it takes to be a high performing team, and shared ownership. Learning to use these ideas in our board and staff strategic planning retreat have helped us create a common language and a vision that draws us together while allowing us to explore and utilize differing views. Alignment is a concept that we use nearly every day and is a word we use in our communication with each other and with our customers. We are able to represent our values in real-time because Mark showed us how even small actions are driven by them.

With Mark’s tutoring and coaching, we have turned our one-year operating plan into work plans for individual staff members, leaders of board committees, and the board itself. Monthly and quarterly goals reflected in the operating plan are actual deliverables with a work group or person’s name attached. Organizing our board committees has been much more effective because of this, and so far, at least, board members seem be to clearer and more committed to their roles with the organization.

As chief executive, having engaged in this planning process has helped me conceive of my role differently. I find I am delegating more, finding it easier to say no to proposals that our outside of our plan, and setting clearer goals for board and staff. As a result, even in these early days of implementation, I find that our organization is being recognized and sought out by our peers, our customers and even our competitors for our high standards of execution.”

Karen D.

CEO, World Denver

My experience of the ½ day team alignment and leadership development session facilitated by Mark Musselman was surprisingly transformational and incredibly valuable. I say surprisingly because I have sat through so many “professional development” sessions throughout my career that were a complete waste of time that when I arrived in the room for another ½ day of “professional development” I was already resigned that ½ my day would be wasted. Boy, was I wrong! This session, from start to finish, had me totally engaged and inspired. I learned a ton about myself, how great teams function, what shared leadership means, and how my “way of being” impacts everything I do and everything I create. As a result of the session I am renewed, refreshed and revived as I head into a new school year. I am also aware that I am 100% accountable for the results I have been asked to create. In short, the session was utterly fantastic and anyone would benefit from Mark’s work and this conversation.”


Head of Counseling, Journeys School / Jackson, WY

We recently had a family business meeting facilitated by Mark Musselman. We elicited Mark’s help because our multigenerational family owned business was fracturing due to the widely diverse expectations from each generation and family group. Over three days Mark guided our family and gave us the communication tools to assist our family into realizing that alignment is possible without having to give up our individual perspectives. This past weekend we had a family picnic without the usual drama; it was simply a wonderful afternoon. We thank Mark, without his professional help this would not have been possible and this family looks forward to continuing the process.”

Robert Hubbell

CEO, Crawford Properties, LLC

My business partner and I initiated our coaching relationship with Mark during a time of great transition in our lives. I was leaving a corporate job and rejoining my partner in the field as we started our real estate brokerage together. I knew that Mark was the right person to help us because not only did he share similar experiences, he had achieved the results we were looking to achieve in our own lives. There is a delicate balance when you work with a business partner and I can honestly say that Mark’s guidance allowed us to maintain integrity in both areas of work and our personal lives. I once heard that you should never take advice from someone you wouldn’t trade places with.  While we can’t trade places with Mark, we’ll settle for taking all of the wisdom and insight he shared and create the life we’ve always imagined! Much gratitude for you, Mark!”

Broker Owner

Denver, CO

I met and began working with Mark at a pivotal time in my career. I was a new executive director in a school that was experiencing significant struggles both programmatically and financially. I started working with Mark and created the first ever leadership plan. 4 years into our work, my school is flourishing, we’ve refinanced our building and added an Elementary program, my leadership team is working in alignment. My board also contracted to work with Mark because of the strategic work they experienced him doing with our leadership team. Our school is dynamic and flourishing. I am leading the school with confidence and having fun while doing so and much of this can be directly attributed to the work with Mark.”

Nancy J.

Denver, CO

The past two days working on our strategy and leadership development has made it abundantly clear why you are in this business. The meetings were extremely productive and of high value to us. You continue to be a great resource for the company and a solid mentor for me, personally. I feel we are on a better path for the future of my family’s company and I thank you!”


Denver, CO

This was BY FAR the most useful professional enrichment I have received since starting at Medline. I would consider it on par with professors from Kellogg receiving above-average TCEs. Mark’s depth of understanding of subject and field are extremely high. He’s also able to articulate that in a clean and effective manner, customized to his audience.”

Senior Operations Executive

Medline Corporation

Mark, if I haven’t told you lately our work together this year has enhanced my life in more ways than I can explain. Indeed, our work together this year has saved my life. How can I fit that into a testimonial without scaring people?”

Executive Program Director

Aurora Public Schools

I was seeking a guide in my career search process when I found Mark. His experience grounded in the business world as well as his personality were exactly the fit I was looking for. He exceeded my expectations at every turn (in what can be a very nebulous process) by challenging, guiding and teaching – all with tremendous insight and compassion. I would recommend Mark to anyone seeking personal improvement or career development – you’ll get both!”

Kirk N.

Executive Sales Leader

One of the many wonderful things I know about you is your passion for growth and continuous improvement. Both in yourself and in others. I so appreciate your commitment to inspire me to dream more, learn more, do more and become more.”

John W.

Founder, Alt 2 Coaching & Consulting

You have made such a difference in my life. Thank you!”

Business Unit Leader

Medline Corporation

Mark, I want to thank you for all of your support. During our one day strategic planning session you adeptly facilitated a process that challenged me to look at my business with a level of rigor I had not previously experienced. As a result of our day together I developed a profound sense of clarity that has directly supported the acquisition of new clients and has given me a renewed sense of purpose and focus for my coaching and keynote speaking business.”

Todd M.

Founder, Timberline Leadership

Tom and I are in the midst of our annual company planning sessions. As it turns out, we use a tool provided by you… One year during an strategic planning retreat you facilitated you provided us with an “Organizational Aim” document listing things like: Purpose, Mission, Customer’s Needs, an Analysis of Competitors’ strengths and weakness, etc… We use this valuable tool every year and find it provides a concise platform, generating robust conversation leading to the creation of relevant, precise, accomplishable goals. Thank you so much for this tool. I would like to acknowledge and extend my deep appreciation for the wonderful example you set for me as a CEO and team leader. You have no idea, and it would be difficult for me to list all the ways that you have contributed to our current business success. Thank you!”

David M.

Co-Founder/President, Deep Blue Gear